Reply To: 2005 44 Perfoormance

Angus Spence

    I dropped the rudder in my 2005 D34P last winter since the steering had got heavy, the lower bearing was replaced and all is good now. The most difficult job was dropping the rudder which was very stiff in the lower bearing. We moved the boat to the lift out pontoon, then dismantled the quadrant, which luckily was easy, but the stainless bolts can seize in the alloy castings, we were fortunate. The quadrant was removed with just one bolt remaining (which was known to be free) The boat was lifted in a travel hoist and held in the slings overnight, two marina staff rotated the blade back and forth while I carefully (if that is possible:-)), hammered the top of the shaft with a lump hammer. The rudder very slowly moved down. The guys in the marina were great. The boat was then cradled off for the winter. Th upper bearing was like new, so only the lower was replaced. The rudder was refitted while in the hoist for launching. I had budgeted for extra lifts but none were required, very happy. Another option is to dig a hole. I can supply more info if needed, please ask. Our local boat builder sourced the bearing, probably from IBS