Reply To: new 365 GL (maybe)

Mandy Boston


    What kind of sailing do you intend to do with your 365GL that you wonder it’s may be tender.

    We’ve owned a 365GL for only a couple of years and sail about 1200 miles/year in her which is nearly all coastal / cross channel crossing and have never had a single moment of worry about its ability to handle bad conditions. We tend to find the crew give up way before the boat does. Previous to ownership we did 11 years of “boat club” style sailing where we sailed Dufour 325, 34, 375 and 40P plus X37, X46 and a whole host of Beneteau and other types on Flotilla’s and when we came to get our own boat picked the 365GL. Same as most other people she has the 1.82M draught ad for her size / age they are fast cruisers. Looking back with 2-3 years hindsight for the budget would we pick the same boat again, absolutely is the simple answer. We follow a blog on YouTube who sailed a 365GL from Ipswich down to the Med and met a couple who sailed their 365 to the Med from Japan, but not sure if that is the 1.82M draught or the 1.5M you are looking at.

    Lots of 365GL knowledge on this forum and there is a really good Dufour owners forum on Facebook. Pretty much anything crops up, the answer can be found pretty quickly

    Hope this helps