Reply To: Dufour 38 Classic Engine Volvo Penta MD 2040 general overhaul or replacement

Dave King

    hi stephan – I got my engine from for methe volvo agent in cowes it was (apparently) from a traditional boat whose owner had gone electric… anyway it looked good and they ran it up in the workshop for me. original paint etc. getting the old one out needs a crane. the engineer was very fussy & had the head off and skimmed to get it back. the owner of the volvo agency vanished & scott the engineer moved on. tricky but we got it done.
    last year we had to tow a bavaria 38 all the way into poole harbour and lost all the coolant into the bilge (pipe to the calorimeter split on the bend) also the impeller disintegrated ha ha – bits up the pipe etc. all good now – there’ll be a story for you..! but worth it – dave

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