Reply To: Racor fuel filter funnel

Richard Darley

    Hi Andrew. I sailed to East Greenland on a steel 43ft ketch last summer from Ireland. We refuelled entirely from gerry cans in Iceland and one very remote village in Greenland. We used a Racor filter funnel, but I am not sure what size micron filter it was. We had no issues with the engine, and we regularly caught water and crud in the filter. The only down side was it took two people to use; one to pour the gerry can and one to hold the filter steady. It was slow work (maybe one litre per 15 seconds) and quite back breaking. If it was my yacht, I would have made up a bracket to hold the filter on the stanchion, and used a siphon to get the flow started with the gerry cans on the doghouse roof, and a tap in line on the pipe to control the flow rate. We refuelled like this about four times (200 litre tank). The filter worked like a dream as far as we could tell. The yacht is often fuelled like this since there is no shoreside fuel available in the area for Galway Bay where the yacht has a mooring. Hope that helps.