Reply To: 365 GL (2008) Stripes

Jeremy Rowley

    I don’t know about the pantone numbers nor what is used on a 365GL. However, I’m not sure knowing it is going to help you much.

    I suggest you look at the available colours for the the vinyl. I believe the vinyl used is Oracal 970RA, which is a high quality vinyl designed for cars and boats. You can request colour swatches of the likely colours.

    On my 35 Classic all the vinyl is a single colour, I ordered three colour swatches which looked close, and one of them (970-049 King Blue) was an exact match. I have just bought 2 metres, but have yet to apply it – it is too cold at the moment. (Think there is a good chance that King Blue is the blue you want, but best to check).

    I purchased from Starvinyls: but there are other suppliers.

    It is worthwhile downloading the datasheet about how to apply it – i.e apply above 15C for instance.

    I’m planning an article on vinyl for the Summer issue of the Dufour News – I’m just finalising the Spring issue now.

    If you do find the right colours, please let me know and I’ll add it to the article.