Reply To: Kiwi prop

Angus Spence

    Hi Steve,
    I also have a 3 bladed Kiwi prop on our D34P, it is great and I agree that it needs very little anode protection due to the stainless hub and composite blades which is great (we replace the anode every year but there is little wastage so have considered it may provide a 2 year life but not brave enough to try it yet). We have had the boat for 10 years and approximately 700 engine (and propeller) hours, the propeller was fitted in 2009. The idea of a service by Vectra Marine sound good, and your cost looks very reasonable but we launched a few weeks ago, so too late now. Is Alan Pollard still the man, and the other question is how long does it take for the service, we only lift out for around 6 weeks each winter.