Reply To: Calor Gas

David Stanger

    We have a 2005 Dufour 385GL – the gas locker on our boat (port side aft locker) is able to hold 2x 4.5Kg cylinders. The good news, since they discontinued the 4.5Kg cylinder, is that the locker is deep enough to accommodate the 7Kg cylinder, so we could upgrade to 2 of these. However, as we’re planning to spend more time in Europe, we’re probably going to switch to the 2.7Kg Campingaz 907 cylinder. Although only 2.75Kg, I believe the 385GL locker will accommodate 3 of these – I haven’t tried it yet. This will give us 8.25Kg of gas against 9Kg, so not a massive reduction in total gas volume. On the plus side, much lighter to carry than the old 4.5Kg Calor gas cylinder – we often find getting replacement cylinders involves a bit of a hike, so lower weight is certainly a plus – another reason not to go for the 7Kg Calor gas option.

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