Reply To: Swap continental to uk power sockets

Jason Chamberlin

    One point to add to this if using the Berker sockets – The cut out required is slightly larger than the existing hole in my 36 Classic. As there is already a large hole there, a holesaw will not stay securely located as the drill can’t drill a pilot hole!

    To enlarge the existing hole:
    Select appropriate hole saw and use it to drill a hole in a piece of scrap wood – ensure that the scrap piece is not too large that it will not fit over the existing hole due to switches, decorative trim etc!
    Locate the scrap piece carefully into the correct place over the existing hole and secure in place using strong tape – i used gorilla tape. Use the hole in the scrap wood as a template / guide to keep the holesaw in place whilst you drill the hole out to the correct side.