Reply To: 2005 34 Performance Helm

Paul White

    We test sailed a tiller version of the 34 performance and although I usually prefer a tiller it just didn’t work. The main sheet was moved to across the back and the tiller was a swan shape up from where the emergency tiller goes on the wheel version. Mainsheet fall tangled round the tiller head and was awkward to operate. Also they hadn’t changes the seats so you end up with a big gap at the back I agree with comment that a smaller wheel would make steering heavier. Also it would make helming from the side seat impossible. This helming position is one of the best design feature of the 34p as the triangular binnacle gives a superb brace position. The folding wheel suggested above is probably the best way to go if you can get one large enough although only of use when moored. It is not something you want to be using underway and has some rather sharp corners when folded. Also very expensive!