Reply To: Headsail furler – Dufour Classic 30

Enrico Caruso

    I own a 2003 Dufour Classic 36 that I acquired in 2017 and berth in the Chesapeake Bay. It came equipped with a Facnor head sail furling system (original equipment). The upper swivel had failed as it would not allow the sail to rotate in either direction smoothly. In my many attempts to acquire a replacement swivel, I discovered a vendor located in Florida (Mauripro) who sold me a brand-new Facnor upper swivel of a completely different design from the original. Upon receipt, I observed the swivel was extremely stiff to rotate which the sales staff advised that is normal and would not be an issue when it installed with the furling system under pressure. I was rather suspect of this suggestion as a local rigger recommended total furling system replacement, which I pursued instead. I am extremely happy with the replacement Furlex furling system. The vendor who sold me the $600 Facnor swivel refused to accept the unused product in exchange for cash or even store credit. I would never purchase any product from MauriPro ever again! In any case, I highly recommended that you explore Furlex to replace your head sail furling system.