Reply To: 325 distribution board – where to connect newly installed autopilot

Teemu Ramo

    That distribution board looks quite similar to the one we have on our 375GL. On our boat, the cable for autopilot was already connected to the distribution board but didn’t go further than the blue cable housing shown in the attached picture. Try finding it there if you have one.

    The manual for 325GL seems to be full of errors and leaves a lot for guessing. For example:
    – wiring list on page 45 says that autopilot goes to C19
    – wiring diagram on page 46 does not even have C19, but shows autopilot connected to C11 (6 sqmm red cable)
    – Doesn’t help that page 46 is showing a rotary type of autopilot while pages 48 and 54 show a linear unit

    My guesses:
    1. The cable is probably already connected between the switch board and the C11/C19, and you just need to install a new cable between C11/C19 and your autopilot.
    2. If not, then you will need to install both cables. Your picture is not showing the right connectors. At least on our VDO panel, all the switches are connected to large white Mate n Lok connectors on the circuit board, as shown in pictures. If the cable for autopilot is missing (the plug has an empty socket where a cable should be), then you’ll need to crimp a new cable using MNL female pin, and insert that into the connector.

    Oh, and don’t forget to add that fuse blade for autopilot if that is still missing on the circuit board. Hope this helpes you find the right connections.

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