Reply To: Voltmeter rocker switch

Henri Grech

    Yes, I know what you mean Alan as one of my Fuel switches is as you describe. However position 1 is my service circuit and position 2 is for the engine battery which used to work very well but now doesn’t. I did get a marine carpenter to cut an inspection hatch on the the starboard side of the engine in the starboard aft cabin. The hatch is below the two master switches to gain easier access to the oil filter. So I needed to adjust the angle of the high tension cables but that’s all. Nothing was disconnected, just loosened and retightened after re-aligning. The feel of the switch suggest something mechanical unless something else has happened elsewhere in the circuit unbeknown to me. Power to the starter motor suggests adequate charge of the engine battery but I’ll be more comfortable knowing what the state of the battery is. Any thoughts?