Reply To: Clutches

Andrew Spruell

    Hi Henri

    It looks like the cams have got stuck in the recess of the handles which means that when you open the clutches the bar locating the springs has pulled out of the blue housing. I suspect it just needs dismantling and a good clean along with some light lubrication to the metal spindle for the handles and for the pivot between the handle and the cam. Also just check that the side pieces which are plastic have not cracked as they are prone to do if subjected to heavy loads.

    They are fairly straightforward to dismantle. Sometimes the screws and nuts holding the unit together can be difficult to release. If so try pouring very hot water on them. Spares for all the different parts of the clutch are available either individually or as a kit. The teeth on your cams look in good condition but also check the ones on the base plates.

    I would remove the clutch from the deck as it makes it much easier to work on. Putting them back together is straightforward but can be a bit fiddly.
    I took one of my triples apart today as it not gripping the ropes. The teeth were in good condition but the internals were full of rope dust and fluff which I think was stopping the cams from closing properly. Only time will tell

    Hope this is helpful