Reply To: Water Leak in Cabins – Classic 36 (2 cabin version)

Ian Watson

    I have a 45 Classic in Greece. temperature affects my boat. I doubt water is entering the front and running to the back. nor will it be the teak. my genoa track would be a nightmare to remove.

    My aft cabin shelf leaks came from the rubber stopper at the end of the genoa track.It’s held in place with 2 bolts with nuts on the end. The rubber had deteriorated with weather and impacts over time. The sika flex that held them had broken down. Once replaced no problem. I had to take the locker roof off in the aft cabin to get to the nuts. This might be the same problem on yours. They are both ends of the track.

    I had a leak in the heads too but that was caused by a leaky portlight. I took it out resealed and re fitted all was well. not too tricky to do.

    I had a problem with leaky binnacle too. I just tightened the 4 nut / bolts up and that cured that without having to get the sika flex out

    Hope this helps?

    Kind regards Ian