Reply To: Water Leak in Cabins – Classic 36 (2 cabin version)

Richard Darley

    On our 36 we had leaks from deck organisers, binnacle, main hatch and forehatch. The first was easy – just needed re bedding. The binnacle was the same as mentioned above by others, but in our case we managed to stop just by covering the crew heads with clear silicone which we apply each spring – not a very good permanent solution of course. The forehatch was microscopic cracks in the acrylic around the hinges, as well as old vent o-rings. We bought a new hatch which came with a vent, and that sorted it. We have yet to sort the companionway hatch, but I like Jeremy’s solution, so will try that. Bye the way, we find the portlights can leak in very heavy rain , but not from waves and rain when sailing. I think its becuase the water sits in lower part of the portlight and over a few hours manages to seep through. Time to replace the seals again I think.