Reply To: Dufour 1800 refurbishment – running lines plan and boom fitting

Kevin Murray

    I’m not familiar with the 1800, but from what I can see, the blue/white line on the port side looks all wrong, as it seems to come down the outside of the mast then turns under its bottom edge to go around a sheave meant for an internally-rigged halyard. It will chafe very quickly where it turns around a tight corner at the the bottom of the mast. You should investigate whether or not this should actually be rigged internally or be turned around a sheave mounted externally at the base of the mast. It’s labelled “Dirk” at the clutch. I can’t find a nautical translation for that. What is the other end of this line attached to?
    The clutch labelled “Baum”, meaning “Boom” is obviously meant for the Topping Lift.
    In Nautical German “Gross” means “Main” and “Fock” means “Jib”.
    The photo of the Jib Furling Line does not reveal much, but the best arrangement for the after end of it is to run it through a turning block so to halve the effort required to haul it out and to lead it in a fair direction after it exits the jammer. If it does not already have such a block you can get one that will attach to a stanchion or a pushpit tube.