Reply To: Preferred / tried and tested / standard anchor for a 30 Classic?

Alan Thomas

    I think it depends on what kind of sailing you want to do.
    For 10 years I used a Fortress anchor on my Classic 30 (FX11). It was light and therefore easy to use, fit in the locker comfortably and had superb holding power in strong winds. The only drawback, as with all Danforth types, was if there was little wind and you were lying to the tide then there was a risk that a pebble (or oyster!) got stuck under the flukes and when the boat swung on a turning tide the anchor flipped and failed to set in the other direction. It meant getting up to check at slack water.
    When I took the boat to Scotland I wanted an anchor that would set reliably in any conditions (and through kelp) so I opted for a 10kg Rocna. This was a superb anchor. It fits in the locker but is more awkward to deploy from the locker because of the jib furling line. Needs a bit of preparation to get it on the roller before approaching the anchorage. When it’s on the roller you won’t be able to close the locker lid so I made a modification to the lid to accommodate it. I once took photos of this arrangement for somebody else but I have lost those now. Sadly I no longer have Larus so I cannot retake them but if you interested I could perhaps explain with drawings.