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Bob Garrett

    Passing on a message from the Westerly Owners Association which may be of interest to some Dufour owners re Calor Gas bottle availability…

    Latest Calor Gas News – Action Please!!

    Little has changed since Calor’s announcement in April other than that finding a full 4.5kg Calor bottle is virtually impossible.
    A worrying development is that some people are resorting to using DIY methods for refilling gas bottles, this is both illegal and extremely hazardous. Also, you are advised to contact your insurer if your gas locker has been altered in any way.
    To help get a clear indication of exactly how many boats/caravans/campers are involved Hillary Corney has devised a survey which WOA are supporting.
    I encouraged all of you to complete this anonymous survey as soon as possible we will then be able to share the results with the British Standards Institute Small Boat Safety Committee and the Competition and Marketing Authority.
    The link to the survey is here:
    Many other owners’ associations are joining with us and the link to the survey will be shared with them. Should you belong to an association or organisation that has not received the link please share it.
    Gill Clare, Commodore.

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