Reply To: 310 GL steering chain tension

Nigel Atherton

    Hi Nick,

    I had an issue with stiff and very clunky steering after a bumpy passage last year on my 382GL. On first inspection the chain was slack, and dry in parts, and tightening it plus greasing everything in sight, made me feel every single link in the chain flex when turning the wheel. Closer inspection revealed that the upper “cog hubs” had slid down the shaft and the chain was struggling to keep aligned with the motor drive unit cog (the shaft is slightly higher at the aft end). They each are secured by 2 grub screws. All my grub screws were loose. I slackened the chain back off, slid the upper cog hubs backwards so that the chain aligned better with the drive unit, tightened the grub screws, reset the chain tension and wheel was smoother than ever. The issue was only on the port wheel (where the drive unit is), the starboard side was still aligned fine but I still tightened the grub screws up.

    I checked with manufacturer and there are no “dimples” for grub screws to locate into so next job is to pass a drill through each grub screw hole and make a small indent for the grub screw to locate into plus use some locktite….