Reply To: Which folding propeller for Classic 41?

William Rawle

    Hi Matthias

    I found the Volvo prop (which came with the boat) expensive & prone to dezincification.

    I fitted a 2-blade feathering Max-prop (made in Italy), to my Dufour 40 (built 2004) from Darglow (in Wareham, Dorset).

    Darglow no longer sell Max-prop, but manufacture their own equivalent: “Featherstream”.

    The Max-prop has been superb. Going astern used to be nerve-racking, as it took so long for the prop to bite.

    But the Max-prop reverses it’s pitch almost instantly. It exhibits noticable prop-walk to starboard in reverse. But I’ve found that really useful to tuck the stern in when coming alongside, (especially without a bow thruster).

    If you’re in the UK, no harm giving Darglow a call – they’re really helpful

    Good Luck