Reply To: Dufour 40 performance Battery Monitor or Volts and Amps on Displays

Gordon Dyer

    Hi Elliott
    My 10c worth.
    I have spent way too much time messing with displays, the problem for me, is I only have my displays on when sailing, but want this information all the time.
    My preference is to have cheap digital waterproof displays, in your face every time you go up the companionway, as a more reliable way to grab your attention if you have a budding problem. (I have mounted through the bulkhead into my aft cabins, they do not take much real-estate.)
    I have 3 voltmeters, house , start, bow thruster and a ammeters on separate shunts for each of my 2 alternators.
    I also have a Victron Cerbo GX and display for a more details on my system.
    On my last boat, I fitted a digital ammeter on a shunt from the distribution to the panel, so to accurately measure my discharge. This was great to alert at a glance, any surprises in your current draw, but too complex on my 45p where I have an extra km or 2 of cable that I am yet to fully discover where it all goes! So currently (no pun intended), to get this current draw number, I have to scroll through my Cerbo display. In my opinion, not as good as a low cost digital display mounted where it will be regularly seen.

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