Reply To: Yacht insurance a cautionary tale

Roger Holmes

    I’m very pleased to hear that the problem seems to have been successfully resolved.

    In my conversation with Debbie at GJW we shared that it is not possible to state an absolute lifting out date. This is especially the case when the policy is carried over many years. Indeed it could be dangerous to try to lift on a specific date. The skipper must have the right to choose a safe and convenient time and place for lifting out. The problem probably arose because the claim and policy wording was dealt with by someone with no actual experience of boating.

    In my case I lift out at a yard miles up an east coast creek. It is only possible to get there when there is a big tide. Bad weather or bad health can easily rule out a planned lift.

    I hope that in the future GJW will not have problems of the sort thatgave rise to this discussion. But we should all take care to advise our insurers if we choose our are forced to leave the boat in the water for extended periods. I suggest that people using other insurers should write to advise them that any dates given on application forms are merely indicative and may not be followed in practice. If an insurer can’t accept that move elsewhere.

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    • This reply was modified 4 months, 1 week ago by Roger Holmes.