Reply To: Resealing Classic 36 window

Richard Darley

    Hi Graham. I removed our saloon windows Oct 2002 (Classic 36 2003) using Jeremy’s process, and we have the same construction as you I think. We replaced the acrylic completely using replacement acrylic in existing frames from I followed their advice on resealing method using butyl tape. It worked a treat (so far). The machine screws are removed from the inside and the outer frame can be prised off with wedges (see photo) after you have cut the sealant on the outside. I used plastic laminate floor wedges. I enclose a photo of the outer frame showing the threaded holes into which the screws are attached. Hope that helps. Happy to have a chat if you need more info. 07909 687231. I am in Whitchurch, Hants and the boat is in Lymington.

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