Reply To: Argofet battery isolator

Andrew Spruell

    Hi Paul
    I am no expert but it think that the set up is as follows.

    If you have the original Valeo alternator then there would have been an excitation wire (which also doubles up as a battery voltage sensor) connected directly to the service battery bypassing the splitting diode. From memory it is the yellow wire coming out of the alternator and goes to an inline 8 amp fuse and then a red wire to the battery. It is a permanent connection which does not go through the engine control panel. It is shown on the wiring diagram in the boat’s manual if you look carefully.

    When I switched to lithium I connected the alternator directly to the engine battery and fitted a dc-dc battery charger to charge the lithium. The excitation wire was also connected to the engine battery via the 8 amp fuse.

    I had one occasion when the alternator stopped working and it took a ages to work out that there was a bad connection at the fuse which meant that the alternator was not not detecting any voltage and hence would not charge.

    If you do not have the original alternator then the above may not be relevant.

    Hope this is helpful