Reply To: 38 Classic Logo

Jeremy Rowley

    I have recreated the 35 Classic this way.
    1.Measure the height and width of the logo.
    2. Take a good quality hi-res photo of the existing logo. Camera must be square onto the
    3. Load the photo into a vector drawing programme. There are programmes that are free.
    4. Use a tool in the programme that converts the photo into a vector file using medium resolution.
    Tidy up the vectors by smoothing curves and deleting extraneous bit. So you only have the outline of the logo and text as a clean image.

    Send the file to a vinyl cutting company and specify the height and width required.

    The vinyl required is Oracal 970 colour: King Blue. This is marine grade. Other vinyls will not match the colour and fall off very quickly.

    I planning on doing a more detailed article in the Dufour News, but haven’t got around to it yet.

    Good Luck