Reply To: Dufour 365 keel problem, advice needed! (sale pending)

Godwin Pace

    Dear Stephen,

    It was a great day for sailing the Dufour 365 with 18knot winds.
    She was occasionally over-powered in gusts but easily controllable.
    I enclose photos of the keel bolts as promised.
    I never see water in the bilge except when the calorifier was leaking, which I have now bypassed until I fit a new one.
    A local surveyor told me recently that it would be wise to cover the edge of the keel bolt plates with grease as the ingress of water would displace the grease, indicating from where sea water will be coming.
    Hope the photos provide you with some guidance.
    I bought the boat about 8 years ago and it seems that the boat was never given much hard work as even the sails are still original sails, though now they are getting weary.
    Will submit further photos.

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