Reply To: Dufour 365 keel problem, advice needed! (sale pending)

Godwin Pace

    Dear Stephen
    I have an update on this matter.
    I had taken the photos before going out sailing on Good Friday.
    Yesterday afternoon I checked the bilge sump (where you say you have a hole) and there was about 5mm of water there.
    Not sure where this water came from but given that last Friday’s sail was moderately aggressive, resulting in long periods of boat heeling, I cannot rule out that the water came from the keel.
    I intend to study this further in the future to study the source of this water. Before going out sailing, I intend to close off the holes in the hull frame temporarily by pressing in a large piece of cloth in these holes. This way if I find water in the sump again, I would establish that the water came from underneath the keel bolts, as I would have closed off all other possible sources.
    The amount of water which I found is small and not worrying.
    It could be that some water has been coming in for some time and because it is a small amount, it dries out between one sail and the next.
    It is better practice to check for water after each sail as well rather than just before going out.