Reply To: 455GL code & gennaker

Gordon Dyer

    Hi Tero
    I have a 45p. Since I swapped my 105% IRC headsail and got a 130%, which reaches way better with outboard sheeting, I have not used my code 0, but have used my A4 asymetric in a sock. I am setting up to put this on a top down furler this season.
    My 10c worth is to get your “out board sheeting” sorted and buy a big luff round, deep reaching gennaker if you want just 1 additional sail.
    I find these all purpose off wind sails given numerous names by sailmakers are too compromised for running deep…. I understand many will disagree with that.
    Get the tack of the sail as far forward as practical, I got 500mm in front of my forestay, similar to how Neil has done it.
    Attached are pics of the outboard sheeting set up and one of the new tack point (I have now also put a brace to the port side to stiffen it up.)

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